Face mask (alt. design) Pattern


Face masks are hard to come by. So why not use homemade? Use double gauze, wash frequently, and make them colourful!


This is a pattern to makeĀ a face mask

It’s not only about Covid-19. Face masks help you protect others when you are coughing. They also prevent you from touching your mouth without thinking (it happens a lot actually) or they can reduce your exposure to pollen. Besides, these days depending on where you live it might be difficult or nearly impossible to buy some. So why not make your mask at home? I recommend you to use double gauze and to make them colourful šŸ˜Š !
Seam allowance is included. The Full length video below shows the Step by step making process.
The pattern is meant to be printed on A4 or US Letter size paper.
What you need to start
Double gauze fabric for the inside and another one you want to show for the outside. Small and soft rubber. Now there are 2 sizes available : Adult and Kids. Check them out and choose according to your measurements!

Choose your sizeĀ and you can start downloading a pattern.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question! Also remember this is not a surgical mask ;-)

Thanks and enjoy sewing :)

Additional information



Printing paper

US Letter, A4


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